Disclosures and other Legal Stuff

This Whitepaper is Not Intended to Promote a Securities Offering

This Whitepaper is made publically explains what Kampeni is and how we are building it. We (Easter Egg Labs, Inc.) is sharing the Whitepaper to collect feedback on how we can improve the game and overall experience. We are also using feedback from the Whitepaper to determine the best way to decentralize the game. This document is not intended to promote a securities offering. The Kampeni NFTs will not provide an ownership interest in Easter Egg Labs or the Kampeni Project. As we move closer to the game's release we will provide more details on the sale of NFTs and/or distribution of tokens.

The Kampeni License

This Whitepaper Does Not Grant a License

Easter Egg Labs, Kampeni, and all associated gameplay and lore are the intellectual property of Easter Egg labs. Nothing in this Whitepaper is intended to be a license to use any of Easter Egg Labs or Kampeni's assets without consent.

Purchase of a Kampeni Character NFT grants a Non-Exclusive Rights (with Hate Speech Termination) to the NFT artwork.

When you purchase a Kampeni character NFT you will obtain a non-exclusive right to use the art work. This use can be for commercial purposes keeping in mind it does not extend to the any other properties, assets, and or lore created or owned by Easter Egg Labs. This license can be revoked if Easter Egg Labs determines the art work was used in any way that is: unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent, racist, hateful, vulgar, cruel, illegal or obscene, or that promotes any such activity. Easter Egg Labs has sole and complete discretion to determine if artwork was used in any of the aforementioned ways. We will share more details on this license associated with the character NFTs closer to launch.

Risk of Financial Loss

Kampeni is a game first. We hope you play to have fun and build Kampeni's story. Attempting to make money playing this game is a highly speculative endeavor. It is very possible to lose some or all of the money spent on the game. We are solving for expanding the playable ecosystem. Easter Egg Labs is not optimizing or even solving for the generation of financial returns for players. Please only spend what you would spend to play a fun game and please do not spend money on this game you need to get back. We are building in Web3 because we believe it unlocks unique and fun gameplay not possible or difficult to implement in Web2.

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