Rules and FAQ

These rules apply to any bounty included in the documentation unless explicitly stated otherwise in a particular bounty.

General Rules

  • Content must be your own creation

  • You must have full rights to the content

  • You cannot have used AI to generate the content

  • Completing a bounty requires posting to Twitter (@kampenigame and @lchristianp) AND the Kampeni Discord.

  • Obtaining the bounty requires transmitting any and all associated IP to Easter Egg Labs and the Kampeni Project. We’ll be super explicit and ask for you to sign something when this happens.

  • We follow KYC for bounties and will ask for you to identify yourself before granting rewards of cash and liquid assets.

  • Do not create content referring to Kampeni as an investment opportunity or a way to get money. We are a storytelling game.

Reward Multipliers for NFT Holders

Kampeni Citizens: 10% Increase, 15% if hold more than one

Kampeni Villagers 25% Increase, 32.5% if hold more than one.

Kampeni Adventurers 35% Increase, 45% if hold more than one.

Kampeni Legends 60% Increase, 75% if hold more than one.

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