0% Royalty Mitigation Strategy

We believe it is irresponsible to not collect a royalty (or alternative) while asserting we will continue to iterate and build on a project over the long term. Just like Web2 MMORPGs ongoing revenues are required to continue building and updating the game. Reliance on royalties is the typical NFT game strategy. However 3rd party exchanges may find ways to allow Kampeni NFTs to be sold without a royalty. We are considering taking the following steps to ensure Kampeni remains well funded with new revenue and can continue to grow:

  • Include royalty-free character tiers and items in the game.

  • Increasing the upfront minting cost to offset a lack of royalties

  • Limiting functionality of NFTs purchased without a royalty

  • Developing alternative revenue models (non-targeted advertising, real world events)

  • Creating opportunities for non-players to participate in Kampeni (betting on outcomes)

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