Roadmap for the development of Kampeni.

Q4 2022

  • Public Announcement of Kampeni

  • Initiate Community Development

  • Complete Artwork for NFT

  • Complete White Paper

  • Complete and Externalize Political Economy Design Document

Q1 2023

  • Release of Game Token

  • Completion of DAOs

  • Gameplay Video

Q2 2023

  • NFT Chapter 1 Launch

Q3 2023

  • Release Beta of the TTRPG Rulebook

  • Release the Political Economy Rulebook

  • Launch NFT Staking

Q4 2023

  • Introduce Storytelling Rewards and Content Bounties

  • Beta Test Governance Meta Game

2024 and Beyond

Items listed here are on our product roadmap but have too many dependencies for is to reliably predict when we will ship. We are listing these deliverables to communicate our vision. We will ship them as soon as possible.

  • Release of Lore Book Enabling TTRPG Play

  • Incentivize Distributed Storytelling

  • Introduce In-Game Taxation Model

  • Release of Legendary Characters

  • Integrate TTRPG Progress into Meta Game

  • Decentralization Roadmap

  • Native "House Ads" - We Will Always Source the Ads and Never Rely on Personal Information for Ad Serving

  • Integration of other CC0 Solana Projects

  • Kampeni Integrated Dashboard

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