Kampeni is an on-chain meta-game designed to be played across a variety of mediums

Kampeni is ecosystem for telling stories through digital games. Kampeni's "meta-game has nine layers:

  1. Meta Game - This is the broader ecosystem or the "base layer" of Kampeni. The meta game are the base rules for how the other 8 layers of the game ecosystem work together.

  2. Character Layer - This is the where players can purchase, trade, organize, and develop collectable game characters - which are NFTs.

  3. Organizations Layer - This is where players leverage their characters to build, manage, and monetize in game organizations ("Orders") to build influence in and out of the game.

  4. Political Economy Layer - This is where players leverage their collection of characters and participation in Orders to build wealth and power by leveraging and manipulating the game's political economy.

  5. Playable Games Layer - This is where the players use their characters to engage in traditional video games. To ensure the game lore can rapidly advance the first games will be shorter, distinct, lightweight games that can quickly advance the storyline and allow us to offer unique experiences that take advantage of the different traits

  6. Lore Layer - This is where players engage in storytelling

  7. DeFi Layer -

  8. Publishing Layer -

  9. Governance Layer -

Players may "play" or participate by engaging in one or all of these layers. These layers are the ones built by design, however others may be developed organically by the community.

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