Current Governance

The section describes the initial and current state of Kampeni's governance.

Current Ownership

Kampeni will start as a centralized game and we will gradually transition to a decentralized governance system. Kampeni is currently owned and operated by Easter Egg Labs, an LLC operating out of Georgia in the United States.

In-Game Decision Making

In-game decisions about the game (design, lore, monetization, politics, in-game economics, etc.) are made through a series of DAOs that will initially be controlled by Easter Egg Labs via in game characters we directly control. Easter Egg Labs control will be gradually diluted via the following events:

  • distribution of NFTs over the 31 chapters

  • in-game events to compete for incremental control over the governing DAOs

  • unpredictable events that may occur in as part of decentralized gameplay.

Managing Self-Dealing

The long-term path is decentralization. You can learn more about our decentralization plan later in this white paper. Easter Egg Labs will always operate characters consistent with the rules of the game and will not change a rule for the purpose of benefitting players or assets owned we own. That said, to advance the lore, characters controlled by Easter Egg Labs may operate in the company's best interest, may behave in a manner that is adversarial to one or more players and may in some cases operate in a manner that is adversarial to other characters owned by Easter Egg Labs. Cases like this will likely become more observable as the Easter Egg's control progressively dilutes on the path to decentralization.

Transparency Principles

Transparency is the best way to mitigate the risk required self-dealing undermines the game. The initial principles that will guide our decision-making when confronted with decisions or actions where there may be a perception of or required self-dealing challenges. Please note this is our initial thinking and is subject to change. We will share our reasoning if we change any of these principles.

  1. Best efforts will be made to conduct the action on-chain.

  2. Best efforts will be made to distribute or destroy the economic benefit.

  3. The best efforts will be made to pre-announce the action if its not disruptive to the story.

  4. Characters controlled by Kampeni will disclose whether they are owned by an officer or employee or by the company.

  5. Kampeni will release an annual transparency report summarizing any transactions that could be perceived as self-dealing.

  6. Kampeni controlled assets will only be traded, staked, or exchanged on disclosed platforms.

  7. Best efforts will be made to ensure Self-dealing conducted by Kampeni controlled characters is integrated into the storyline.

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