Kampeni Character Tiers

NFTs will initially come in five forms:

  • Villager - These characters cam perform limited (but sometimes essential) combat or artisan tasks but are essential for building the population of guilds and cities, crafting and collecting essential items and generating passive benefits. Most villagers effectiveness wanes as they get farther away from their home city. In especially rare cases villagers can exhibit unique combat abilities. Villager characters will always be affordable (under $75 dollars) with a modest 4% royalty. A player can complete tasks and accumulate resources to mint more villager characters.

  • Hero - These are generally the strongest characters in combat and are known for have the potential to craft a limited number of unique items. Heroes, while powerful, can impose burdens (social, economic, and environmental) on cities and areas that need to be remediated by other characters. A limited number of heroes are available to mint in each chapter. We will aim to keep Hero characters under $175 dollars also with a 4% royalty.

  • Legendary - These are unique 1 of 1 named characters that play a unique role in advancing the story. They often present a unique ability or trait that uniquely equips them to address story plots where they are central or required to advance the plot. These characters are either sold via auction, gifted from questing, or given as a bounty for community contributions. Legendary Characters have a 12% royalty to help promote the stability of the game.

  • Mob - These NFTs represent monsters and enemies in the game. Owning the NFT can bestow abilities on a player's company and/or provide a fractional share of the earnings generated by that mob killing characters in game. Mobs can very in price depending on the power and rarity of the mob.

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